Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums:
5/28 Boyfriend - Start Up! (Japanese)
6/2 Sweet Sorrow - Album Part.1
6/2 TaeYang - Rise
6/2 ZE:A - First Homme
6/3 B.A.P - B.A.P Unplugged 2014
6/3 BTS - No More Dream (Japanese)
6/4 Mayday - Do You Ever Shine? (Japanese)
6/9 Topp Dogg - 3rd Mini Album
6/9 Tohoshinki – Sweat/Answer (Japanese)
6/13 Wilber Pan - Crown/Clown
6/16 B2ST - Mini Album
6/19 Gillian Chung - Full Of Love
6/25 Team H - Take Me (Japanese)
7/9 Jang Geun Suk - Driving To The Highway (Japanese)
7/9 Junho - Feel (Japanese)
7/16 Daesung - Japanese Album
7/23 BoA - Masayume Chasing (Japanese)

Date not released yet:

B2ST Comeback (Mid-May)
U-Kiss Comeback (Mid-May)

Boyfriend Comeback
Girls Hood Comeback (Early June)
GOT7 Comeback
SPICA Comeback

2PM Comeback
Girl's Day Comeback (Early July)
RaNia - Accelerate
Teen Top Comeback
Stephanie (CSJH) Comeback

Boyfriend Mini Album
ChoA & Way Sub Unit
Gummy - Loveless (Mini Album)
Min (Miss A) Solo Debut
> G.O.D Anniversary Album
MC Mong Comeback
Seo Taeji Comeback (After August)
Buzz Comeback
KARA Comeback (Second Half Of This Year)
Yonghwa (C.N.Blue) Solo Album (Later This Year)
D-Business New Artiste Debut
Park Jung Min (April/May)
Jay Park - 2nd Album (Late April/Early May)
KOHD - My Person
Big Bang - Full Album (Summer)
2PM Full album (2nd Quarter 2014)
Baek Ah Yeon Single (2nd Quarter 2014)
Miss A Mini Album (3rd Quarter 2014)
15& Mini Album (3rd Quarter 2014)
Boyband 2 Mini Album (3rd Quarter 2014) (JYP)
Girlband Mini Album (3rd Quarter 2014) (JYP)
Baek Ah Yeon Mini Album (4th Quarter 2014)
Boyband 1 Full Album  (4th Quarter 2014) (JYP)
Taetiseo Comeback (2014)

Dates are not sure, it might change in the future!

Note: Japanese albums from Korean artist might take longer.

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