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Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums:
4/14 Cross Gene - Amazing -Bad Lady-
4/15 2PM Comeback
4/15 Shin Ji Soo & Crucial Star - Show Me Your Light
4/17 Block B - Jackpot
4/17 Girls' Generation - Cheap Creeper
4/17 JungGiGo - Album
4/17 SISTAR Comeback
4/17 Lena Park - Syncro Fusion
4/17 SeeYa - Never Land Project
4/21 EXO - Overdose
4/23 C.N. Blue - Truth (Japanese)
4/25 Fiestar - One More
4/25 Plungon - 發發發狂想曲
4/28 PSY Comeback
4/30 Jiyeon (T-ara) - Never Ever
5/9 Waa - 還是要相信愛情啊混蛋們
5/12 Hyosung (Secret) Solo Debut
7/16 Daesung - Japanese Album

Date not released yet:

4Men Comeback
6Mix Debut
Bada Comeback
Buzz Comeback (Probably 2014)
Hyomin (T-ara) Solo
Infinite Comeback
N.Flying Debut
RubberBand - Frank
San E - Single
Park Jung Min Solo Comeback
San E Comeback
Verbal Jint - Go Hard

15& - Album
B2ST Comeback (Mid-May)
Fly To The Sky Comeback
Gummy - Loveless (Mini Album) (Early May)
Wheesung Comeback

Stephanie (CSJH) Comeback

Min (Miss A) Solo Debut
EXO - Overdose
G.NA - Pretty Lingerie
G.O.D Anniversary Album
Infinite Comeback
MC Mong Comeback
Seo Taeji Comeback (After August)
Buzz Comeback
KARA Comeback (Second Half Of This Year)
Yonghwa (C.N.Blue) Solo Album (Later This Year)
D-Business New Artiste Debut
Park Jung Min (April/May)
Girls' Generation Studio Album
Jay Park - 2nd Album (Late April/Early May)
KOHD - My Person
RaNia Comeback (Early 2014)
D-UNIT Comeback (Early 2014)
Big Bang - Full Album (Summer)
EXO Comeback (First Half Of 2014)
15& Single (1st Quarter 2014)
2PM Full album (2nd Quarter 2014)
Baek Ah Yeon Single (2nd Quarter 2014)
Miss A Mini Album (3rd Quarter 2014)
15& Mini Album (3rd Quarter 2014)
Boyband 2 Mini Album (3rd Quarter 2014) (JYP)
Girlband Mini Album (3rd Quarter 2014) (JYP)
Baek Ah Yeon Mini Album (4th Quarter 2014)
Boyband 1 Full Album  (4th Quarter 2014) (JYP)
Taetiseo Comeback (2014)

Dates are not sure, it might change in the future!

Note: Japanese albums from Korean artist might take longer.

Tip me if you know another upcoming release in the Chat box! Make sure to credit your source!

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