Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums:
3/3 HEYNE - My Heart
3/4 Fiestar - Black Label
3/4 Jang Wooyoung (2PM) - R.O.S.E
3/5 Eric Nam - It's Okay, It's Okay
3/5 Shannon - Why Why
3/5 Stephanie Sun - Radio
3/6 Donghae & Eunhyuk - The Beat Goes On
3/6 JS - 這就是愛
3/6 Shin - 反正我信了
3/6 Wanfang - 一半。萬芳的小劇場
3/9 Boyfriend - Boyfriend In Wonderland
3/10 MYNAME - I.M.G ~Without You~ (Japanese)
3/11 SHINee - Your Number
3/21 Gain - Hawwah
3/31 APink - Mr. Chu (Japanese)

Date not released yet:

Crayon Pop Comeback
Lee Seung Gi Comeback
EXO Repackage Album

F.T. Island Comeback
Girl's Day Comeback
Miss A Comeback
SHINee Repackage Album
f(x) Mini Album

Yesung (Super Junior) Solo Album
Henry Comeback
BoA Comeback

TVXQ Comeback
SM Rookies Debut

Not Sure:
BTOB Comeback
Phy Comeback
Block.B Comeback
LABOUM Comeback

Dates are not sure, it might change in the future!

Note: Japanese albums from Korean artist might take longer.

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