Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums:
12/4 Dream Girls - 由妳開始的幸福
12/22 BTOB – The Winter's Tale
12/22 SONAMOO – Green Moon
12/23 Jacky Cheung – Wake Up Dreaming
12/26 Jay Chou – 哎呦,不錯哦
12/27 JJ Lin – New World
12/30 A-Lin – Guilt
12/31 MISS KO – xxxiii
1/12 Block.B – Very Good (Japanese)
1/28 2PM – Guilty Love (Japanese)

Date not released yet:

Selina Jen Comeback
EXO Comeback
iKON Debut
Jonghyun (SHINee) Solo Album
Sjinhwa Comeback

Amber Debut
Red Velvet Comeback
Taeyeon (Girls' Generation) Solo Album

EXO Repackage Album
SHINee Comeback

SHINee Repackage Album f(x) Mini Album

Yesung (Super Junior) Solo Album
Henry Comeback
BoA Comeback

TVXQ Comeback
SM Rookies Debut

Not Sure:
BTOB Comeback
Infinite H Comeback
Phy Comeback
Shinhwa Comeback
Block.B Comeback
F.T. Island Comeback
Infinite H Comeback
BTOB Comeback
Miss A Comeback (Summer)
Crayon Pop Comeback
LABOUM Comeback

Dates are not sure, it might change in the future!

Note: Japanese albums from Korean artist might take longer.

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