Our new sister HKDrama1314 is BORN! HKDrama1314 is where we share Dramas/Movies with you guys! Once again, we only upload Hong Kong & China Dramas/Movies. Hope you guys enjoy our addition to the family! Please give us support by liking HKDrama1314 Facebook Page and wait for our updates for Dramas and Movies. Thanks for supporting us and have a nice day!

Rules and FAQ

01. Do not reupload my albums and share it. (If you do, ask first and credit me. XD)
02. Do not copy my tracklist to you site/blog.
03. Do not spam in my website.
04. Do not share sites!
05. Please don't be mad if I didn't work on your request.
06. Be happy listening  to music.


What Is FAQ?
FAQ is Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I download?
You can choose between mediafire or zippyshare. Click on one of them and the site will come out.

How can I download a song from an album?
Comment and I'll give you the link. Please include what artist, album, and track.

Can I request?
Yes you can. Just shout it out on the Shoutbox and I'll put it in to my request list. I won't be able to do all request in one time so you'll have to wait.

Can I request for English Albums?
Sorry but I'll have copyright issues if I upload English Albums. I apologize. I can tell you a blog where you can download english albums, just shout it out in the shoutbox. :]

Where Do You Find These Albums?
I just googled it and found them in zip folders, some in rar folders. The newest albums I download it in itune.

Why Are Some Of The Links Dead?
Sorry, Mediafire/Zippyshare deleted all our links. Please be patient until we re-upload all the albums!

Other Questions
Just shout it out on the Chatbox.

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