Rules and FAQ

01. Do not reupload my albums and share it. (If you do, ask first and credit me. XD)
02. Do not copy my tracklist to you site/blog.
03. Do not spam in my website.
04. Do not share sites!
05. Please don't be mad if I didn't work on your request.
06. Be happy listening  to music.


What Is FAQ?
FAQ is Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I download?
You can choose between mediafire or zippyshare. Click on one of them and the site will come out.

How can I download a song from an album?
Comment and I'll give you the link. Please include what artist, album, and track.

Can I request?
Yes you can. Just shout it out on the Shoutbox and I'll put it in to my request list. I won't be able to do all request in one time so you'll have to wait.

Can I request for English Albums?
Sorry but I'll have copyright issues if I upload English Albums. I apologize. I can tell you a blog where you can download english albums, just shout it out in the shoutbox. :]

Where Do You Find These Albums?
I just googled it and found them in zip folders, some in rar folders. The newest albums I download it in itune.

Why Are Some Of The Links Dead?
Sorry, Mediafire/Zippyshare deleted all our links. Please be patient until we re-upload all the albums!

Other Questions
Just shout it out on the Chatbox.