Super Junior M "Break Down" Giveaway

Wow, one month past so fast! This month, IMusicsX will be giving out Super Junior M's Break Down! Super Junior's successful sub unit, Super Junior M is back with their 2nd album. After their Perfection comeback, (almost) 2 years ago, fans had been waiting for a comeback for their Chinese sub unit. There was news about this comeback for so long and I know you ELFs out there were very happy about this news. I, IMusicsX hope you guys will enjoy this giveaway. Also guys, it's just a giveaway, you can have many other chances in the future.

How do I enter?

1.) Like our Facebook Page & Follow us on Twitter
2.) Comment below and answer this question: "Who is your favorite Super Junior M member + Why?
3.) Like this post on Facebook (On the very top)
3.) Happy Chinese news year and please respect others on this giveaway.

Winners will be revealed on:

March 24 - Delta Mccartney

Winner please message me on Facebook or email me at imxcontest

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