[GIVEAWAY] Girls' Generation "I Got A Boy"

Happy 2013! Even though this year started with a lot of "Breaking" news of dating, death, nullified contract, ect., but I hope it will go by fast and have a happy ending. IMX have been doing a lot of giveaways last year, but in 2013 we will give out more and more!

For this giveaway it will be Girls' Generation's (as you can see in the title) newest comeback album, I Got A Boy. Full of Pop/Hip Hop feel title track mixed with sweet and cute songs in their 4th Studio album, this will be your chance to get one for free! There is 10 versions available and you would be able to pick what versions you would like. There will be 3 people who can pick which versions they want. That means there will be 3 winners! Woo-hoo~

Here is how to enter:
1) Like Our post about this giveaway on Facebook
2) Send us a email answering "Why you like Girls' Generation?" and "Who do you think have the most potential of releasing a solo album within the 9 girls?" Send it to sweetangelrosa123@gmail.com
3) Sit back and relax until we reveal the winner!

Winners will be announced individually in these 3 days:

February 1 - Sally Yip

February 2 - Tote Patel

February 3 - Miko H.

Thanks for reading.

[SPOILER] Another giveaway coming up in February..Guess Who?

Winners please contact imxcontest@gmail.com

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