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BoA's Best Of Soul Winner!!!

First of all THANKS SO MUCH For the support on our blog!
2nd, LIKE us on Facebook, this way you can know the Next giveaway item.
IMusicsX Will announce The next Giveaway on Facebook.
Let Me just let you know, that it was hard to pick a winner! Everyone made good points about their Drama Pick, I couldn't Choose, but I did in the end.

Now, The winner of "BoA's Best Of Soul Album" is......

Aimee Liang!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Aimee Liang, I (Rosa) will be E-Mailing You, So make sure to check Your E-Mail for instructions on how you can Re-Deem your Prize!
*All Info will be Discreet and Private* *NO INFO WILL BE PUBLIC*

*IMPORTANT! Make Sure if your the Winner that If you do Receive an E-Mail make sure it is Exactly what the E-Mail under Contact Us For Rosa Is. Cuz u Know Some People are mean about this sort of Stuff.*
*Also if you don't recive an E-Mail From Me, E-Mail me, Under Contacts My E-mail Is Their. E-Mail "Rosa".

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