SS501 - SOS Reality Show (Eng Sub) [NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART]

SS501 Back in the day when they were all together did this show called:
"SS501 SOS"
The show revolves around SS501 as they embark on these weird mysterys from some people that need their help. *This Show is not for the easly scared or people who don't like Disturbed people...*
(NOTE: This show IS ALL SCRIPTED [although sum debate it's not], but their acting is so GOOD and the little boy in the last story is AMAZING, i felt sad the whole show! I though his tears were real!)
(NOTE 2: You can't see the peoples faces since it made it more real, and thats why people debate if it's real or not)

The storys involved in the 8 Episode Varity Show:
~First story is this girl's friend is supposed to be dead, but the girl checks her E-Mail and finds out that her Friend that is supposed to be dead has checked her E-Mail. SS501 Investigates and finds darker secrets to the suppsoed death of the girls friend. (This Story Connects to Story #3)
~Second Story is about A girl who is trying to figure out why he brother keeps waking up with different kinds of injuries on his body, even he doesn't know. SS501 help them out, to only find theirs more to the young teen boy then their may seem... Along with his sister who wants to help him... she seems normal, right?, but what about her too? Why is she acting strange so suddenly...
~Third Story is connected to the 1st story. This story is about the village that the supposed 'Dead' girl grew up in. The village is full of secret and a dark religion that 'connects' the village. This village HATES outsiders and will make sure SS501 will NOT GET IN THER WAY to protect their young from harms of the ouside world. Also SS501 finds this boy that they end up taking care of and he is afraid of EVERYTHING, he begs SS501 at some points to not hurt him or hit him. The little boys seemed to have been through alot and SS501 wants to get to the bottom of what happened to him. However, the little boy is connect to the village, how? What exactly is he to the village....

This show SEEMED SO REAL! But i know it's not, but it sucks you in and makes you wonder if it is real. SS501 is in ALOT of DANGER while recording this, they get death threats and their agency gets harassed and to the point of almost death of someone. THIS IS A SHOW YOU GOTTA WATCH!!

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