Hiring for staffs

IMusicsX is still looking for sfaffs who can help me on my blog.

If you are interested, please Please fill out this fourm and email/PM it to me:
Position: MV Upload or Album Upload
Race: (Optional)
Age: (Optional)
Experience: (Yes/No - If yes please give details)
Can you read Chinese/Japanese/Korean?: (For album uploading only)
Why do you want to join IMusicsX?:

email it to me resignernow@gmail.com


You can PM me @ Youtube

This will make IMusicsX work on requests faster. If you don't know how to use blogger, I can teach you how. I will also teach you how to work on albums. You don't have to know Korean, Chinese, or Japanese to join. We just use a translator to translate every single title.

Please include 'Staff' in the subject on either email or at Youtube. I will contact you as soon as possible! :]

Thank you and hope we will get along well. Thank you for reading!

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